KSFM – Korean Society of Feline Medicine


Thank you for visiting the Korean Society of Feline Medicine (KSFM) official website.


KSFM was established in 2012 to develop Korean feline medical treatment, to improve feline well-being, and to contribute to the enhancing expertise of veterinarian members through educational sessions and researches.

All KSFM vet members in Korea are constantly making efforts to share knowledge and experience to develop practical skills through annual conferences, advanced educational sessions and seminars by inviting international feline specialists.

KSFM is approved by Korean Veterinary Medical Association with the support from members. Therefore, we are opening the official web site of KSFM to publish various and high-quality educational contents, and to support collaboration among the members.

KSFM will do the best we can to provide the treatment standard for feline patients based on education, researches, publications and international cooperation, and to make great contributions to a happy society for cats and human beings.


Thank you.


Ji Hun Kim, President of KSFM